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If you have a horse, it's not IF, but WHEN you will be faced with an emergency. Host your own course or join us at a regular location for a full day of hands on learning. You'll learn how to detect pain in your horse and identify the source of that pain, how to condition your horse to accept treatment, proper vital signs techniques, colic prevention and detection, when to call the vet, bandaging, eye issues, tendon support and so much more. Not enough?

Join us for the Advanced Wilderness First Aid and learn how to plan and prepare for extreme and back country riding, and how to react to the most serious injuries and situations. Cowboy up!

Contact us for details - course pricing starts at $149.00 for full day training.

Kids courses available.

Equi-Health Canada Equine Health and Emergency First Aid

$159.00 + GST

Full One Day Course 9am-4pm

LEARN the skills necessary to keep your horse alive in an EMERGENCY SITUATION! LEARN the information needed for the vet, how to take vital signs, indicators of choke, colic, founder, and more! LEARN how to properly bandage wounds and what treatment to take for injuries to the eye. LEARN how to treat abscesses, founder, and other forms of lameness! Lots of HANDS ON work with horses! LEARN the preventative side of First Aid with proper stretches to prepare your horse for work and prevent sprains, strains, or impact injuries! All supplies provided. 

Participants will receive Certificate and Equine First Aid manual at completion of course. Participants can receive valuable savings on Equine Insurance through Capri Sun Insurance. 

Coffee, water, snacks, and lunch provided.

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Advanced Equine First Aid

$159.00 + GST Full One Day Course 9am-4pm

PLAN, PREPARE, and REACT to ANY emergency. Join us for a one day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course and learn what to do in the most EXTREME situations! Covering everything from trapped horses to hypothermia, burns to bites, poison to tie ups, fractures to sucking chest wounds, this course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries, where without intervention the horse will not survive.

Students will learn how to react in a situation where the horse will not survive its injuries. They will also learn how to rescue a horse from sinkholes, how to prep a horse for extraction from the wilderness. Students will learn how to identify signs of a horse that has been poisoned and how to identify the plants that can cause poison symptoms.

Participants will receive an Advanced Wilderness Equine First Aid Manual and a Certificate of Completion. Coffee, water, snacks, and lunch will be provided.

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